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Zero Grano Gluten Free Crackers - 320 gram package - Italy

So good that you think there is a catch. (More on that later)

You'll go crackers for these Galbusera Zero Grano gluten-free Crackers!

They're light, delicate, crunchy and are a delight to eat.

What do Zero Grano gluten-free crackers have in common with potato chips, Fritos, a good riddle and air?

You can't just eat one. Good with cheese, "how did they do it", and they're as light as air. (Though, sadly, the packaging isn't!)

With a hint of rosemary, Zero Grano gluten-free crackers are an easier crunch than saltines. Made with rice and corn, the result is a light snack cracker that compliments the usual suspects like cheese or jam. But they are a great snack just by themselves!

A package of Galbusera crackers contains fourteen packs of four crackers each. Good to go for a bunch of outings if you don't eat 'em before you are out the door!

They're great tasting to everyone! It's the way you want gluten-free, dairy-free crackers to be! Amazing!

Not being able to eat gluten can come down to just a few essential cravings. Fresh, hot out of the oven bread, bagels and pasta. When you throw in no diary (think butter) and it is really hard to find a treat. These Galbusera crackers can't replace that feel, but they do fill part of the void! So good, anyone can enjoy them!

PS, they are delicate. 

zero grano gluten free crackers