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Galbusera Zero Grano Gluten-Free Crackers - 320 gram package - Italy

You’ll go crackers for these Galbusera Zero Grano (gluten-free) Crackers. What do they have in common with Fritos and potato chips? You can’t eat just one. 

Zero Grano crackers are an easier crunch than Saltines. Made with corn and rice, they’re light, delicate and flavorful. They go well with cheese, your favorite dips, crumbled into soup or on the side of a salad. 

Not being able to eat gluten can come down to a few essential, fresh-out-the-oven bread, a dense chewy bagel, or hearty pasta. These Galbusera crackers can’t replace all that, but they will fill some of the void! 

So good, everyone can enjoy them!