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  • Hawkshead Mulled Damson and Port Jam
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Hawkshead Mulled Damson and Port Jam

227 gram jar - Lake District, England

Hawkshead Relish presents
Mulled Damson and Port Jam

To the nose it's got a tang and a bit of tingle. I recognize the notes, the "smell", but I can't put my tongue on it....

To the buds it is lip sucking tongue smacking fun. The cinnamon is just right giving the overall feel a nice twinge and the citrus gives a nice overall upper cheek twang! It's smooth with little chunkies of citrus peel!

Even though it is for a good piece of toast or a deconstructed PB&j, you could easily eat the whole jar with just a spoon! It is that good! It just might be one of the all time faves!

A damson is a fruit with an English name, small, a deep dark purple, like a plum. Damsons are all over Europe, though the damson is native to Great Britain.

Originally Port, a wine aged in Oak barrels fortified with local brandy to keep from spoiling during transport from Portugal in the 18th century. This added alcohol stopped the fermentation process, leaving more residual sugars and thus creating a sweet wine. Made and stored this way until 1986.

Add lemons and oranges and a wonderful jam is produced!