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Hawkshead Lakeland Damson Jam

340 Grams 12 oz - England


A fabulous fruity jam, packed with flavour and will contain damson stones.

Hawkshead creates a classic Jam

Damascene is a drupaceous fruit and a species of the plum tree. The name Damson appears to have originated in Great Britain. Less sweet than other more modern plums, this plum can make you pucker up. Because of this it makes a wonderful jam.

This Damson Jam is one of those jams that is the jam of choice for those who like things less sweet. Now don't think of it as sour, because it isn't. What it does do is keep it's personality (astringent) even though it's sweetened with sugar.

Classically made this Damson Jam keeps it's fruit stones in the process, crushed in all the while adding depth to the flavor of the preserve.

Think breakfast on toast or with your afternoon tea and scones! Delicious and full of flavor!

About the Producers
The Hawkshead Relish Company is small, family-run artisan food business based in rural Cumbria, in England's Lake District. Although small, they have already taken home more than 30 "Great Taste Awards" for their relishes, pickles and preserves.  

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