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Italian Artisan Chocolate

Nothing like a good holiday to say Joy, it's time to indulge in chocolate! Andrea Slitti creates a line of one of our all time favorite chocolates and confections. His bars, packed in boxes 1/2 inch wider, 1 & 1/2 inch taller and twice the thickness of an iPhone 4s, are really like no other. The smoothness that he achieves, no matter whether it is milk or dark, the percentage is only an indicator in part to the final mouth feel. Comparing chocolates from one chocolatier is exemplified with Slitti. Like two sisters, comparing one to another, you find distinct personalities. Tou might love one over the other, yet you find the similarities to be a common bond, and the reason you desire these chocolates. We love them all!

1) Slitti-Gran-Bouquet-Pepersoncino-Bar Slitti Latte Nero 45% Dark Milk Chocolate
Though 45% is not super dark for a dark chocolate, it is for a milk chocolate. Andrea Slitti makes the finest dark milk chocolate we have tasted. His combination of rich chocolates and the smoothness he achieves in each bar is exquisite!

Shop now for 45% Latte Nero

2) Slitti-Gran-Bouquet-Pepersoncino-Bar Gran Bouquet Pepersoncino Bar
73% dark chocolate with a touch of cilli pepper. As with his other eating bars, this is couveture-quality chocolate from the first to the last bite.

Shop now for Pepersoncino

3) Slitti-Gran-Bouquet-Pepersoncino-Bar Slitti Gran Cacao Dark Chocolate 60% Bar
A medium dark chocolate at 60%, this bar is perfect for those that want dark without the extreme of 70 plus percent. In 1969 Luciano Slitti, opened Caffe Slitti, a coffee roasting shop, on a provincial highway outside the village of Monsummano Terme, with his son Daniele taking care of the roasting. Monsummano Terme in the north of Tuscany between Lucca and Pistoia, and not far from Florence. Their obvious mastery the art of buying, blending and roasting beans, has developed into quite a following for the roasting house. This skill and knowledge in roasting coffee beans is transferred to roasting cacao.

Shop now for 60%

4) Slitti-Lattenero-Dark-Milk-70-Chocolate-Bar Slitti Lattenero Dark Milk 70% Chocolate Bar
This is the most bittersweet milk chocolate that you'll ever find.

The average European milk chocolate has only a 31% cocoa content, but here Andrea uses twice as much to create a truly more sophisticated flavor. The rich and complex flavor of his cocoa blend opens quickly on the palate and lingers a while before proceeding to a slow finish that is smoothed by the presence of just a touch of milk. Is it dark chocolate, or is it a milk - taste and let your palate decide.

Shop now for 70% Dark MILK chocolate!

5) Slitti-Gran-Bouquet-Caffe-Nero-Bar Gran Bouquet Caffe Nero
With Andrea Slitti's family history, it is no wonder that he can create something magical from the combination of coffee and chocolate. His Caffe Nero Dark Chocolate bar blends his incomparable 60% Gran Cacao Dark Chocolate with bits of perfectly roasted coffee beans. The result is one of the most flavorful coffee and chocolate combinations we've ever tasted, and oh, do they work well together.

Shop now for Gran Bouquet Caffe Nero

6) Gran-Cacao-Dark-Chocolate-82-percent Gran Cacao Dark Chocolate 82% Bar
His extra "bitter" bars are the ultimate chocolate-without-distractions experience. This 82% bar is "dark", yet still very palatable. Want dark chocolate and enjoy it? Then this is the bar for you.

Since 1993, the self-taught Andrea has been winning international awards for his chocolate creations, gold medals and first place prizes. Chantal Coady's "The Chocolate Companion" ranks Andrea among the best chocolate handcrafters in the world.

Shop now for Gran Cacao Dark Chocolate 82% Bar

7) Dark-Chocolate-Slitti-Gran-Cacao-100-percent Slitti Gran Cacao 100% Dark Chocolate
This 100% cocoa content bar is Slitti's ultimate view of the "dark side" of chocolate. The richness of the cocoa expresses itself fully in this propriatary blend of beans with no sugar to hinder the nuance of cocoa flavor. Try it if you dare!

Shop now for 100%

8) Slitti Large Hazelnut Disk Slitti Dark Chocolate Disk with Hazelnuts
If you can imagine a dark, flavorful, high-quality chocolate encasing beautiful round Hazelnuts then you have imagined this disk. In both the large, as shown here, and small, this is better than any bar.

Shop now for Disk with Hazelnuts

9) Slitti Dark Chocolate with Almonds Dark Chocolate with Almonds
This is truly a joy of chocolate and almonds! I always forget how great this is. Deep, dark chocolate, rich and smooth with almonds. It is really really good!

Choosing his cocoa beans is just the beginning; it's the roasting and blending that make Andrea Slitti the master of dark, bittersweet chocolate, as his Gran Cacao bars demonstrate. With 73%, 82%, and 100% cocoa content respectively, these bars will be the benchmark for the discriminating chocolate aficionado and the chocoholic alike.

Shop now for Almonds and Chocolate

10) Slitti Assorted Pralines Slitti Assorted Pralines - 250 grams
If you think all that Slitti is, is bars, you would be incorrect! These confections, these pralines are so good! His deep chocolates really shine in these confections.

Andrea Slitti also creates chocolate pralines filled with classic and innovative creams using almonds, hazelnuts, coffee, tea and other flavorings. Rectangles, squares, balls, and cups of dark, milks, and white chocolate are the result, each creatively decorated with the likes of contrasting chocolate and even gold leaf.

Shop now for Pralines!

11) Slitti Chocolate Assorted Pralines Slitti Assorted Pralines - 90 grams
These are some of the most beautiful and delicious chocolates that we've ever tasted. Wrapped in Andrea's signature cream colored sleeve and brown and gold ribbon, they will make a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

Thanks to his passion for the careful selection and roasting of cocoa beans, and his completely homemade production methods, Andrea has gained a worldwide reputation for his chocolate. Andrea Slitti's chocolate making ability has accustomed professionals and chocolate fanciers alike to delicious and beautiful creations.

Shop now for Slitti Pralines!

12) Slitti Drinking Chocolate Slitti Italian Drinking Chocolate
The Tuscans like their drinking chocolate dark and rich, and it doesn't get any darker and richer than Andrea's brew. This one's all about the cocoa, so don't expect a sweet finish. Even when you hold the bag in your hand, for some reason it feels like chocolate. A rich looking powder that makes a drink that is made for sipping. We love all of our drinking chocolates and this one is perfect for that late night sip.

Shop now for Drinking Chocolate

13) Slitti Nocciolata Slitti Nocciolata Hazelnut Desert Creme
Beyond spoon-worthy, this favorite chocolate and hazelnut cream spread is so good, all you need is a spoon to consume it. If you have any left, you can also use it for a topping in luscious desserts. It is a forehead slapping exclaiming taste! Everyone who tries it slaps their head and exclaims this is what nutella should taste like! At 36% hazelnut this is a jar packed full of nuts and chocolate, of course. Chosen by Food and Wine magazine and more as the best!

Shop now for the best Hazelnut creme!


Just-in-Updates - What's coming soon

Gourmet Food The French are delayed, but they are on the way! Well not exactly. More like our order for your favorites, like L'Ancienne Hot Chocolate, Mademoiselle de Margaux, and a bunch of new treats. Do your remember chicory? Well it's back! Like coffee in flavor and look, it is a good substitute if you don't want the caffeine. We can't wait! Look for your faves and pre-order now. It's all we will have before Xmas!

The new oils are shipping! The Olio Nuovo is arriving. We tasted a few Italians already and they are tasting like an oil should. By land and by air, they are arriving all week. If enough show up, we'll crack them open this weekend. Place your pre-order now. We have extremely limited supply from the small artisan farms.

Natural bone-in smoked Heritage Ham for Christmas
It's time to place your order for the best smoked ham! Wine Spectator loved it and we do too. This is a smoked-to-order ham. Limited supply. You must order by the 12th to ensure a ham for the Holidays!

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