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Slitti Lattenero Dark Milk 70% Chocolate Bar

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Slitti Lattenero Dark Milk 70% Chocolate Bar
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100 gr bar - Italy

Fabulous rich milky chocolate
Slitti's 70% milk

Are you tired of hiding your favorite milk chocolate bar and having to eat it in the broom closet at work? This is a bar that you can eat in the open. And when you share, (I never share my chocolate) everyone won't believe how good it is!

This is the most bittersweet milk chocolate that you'll ever find.

The average European milk chocolate has only a 31% cocoa content, but here Andrea uses twice as much to create a truly more sophisticated flavor. The rich and complex flavor of his cocoa blend opens quickly on the palate and lingers a while before proceeding to a slow finish that is smoothed by the presence of just a touch of milk. Is it dark chocolate, or is it milk...taste and let your palate decide.

Not satisfied with the candy-like taste of traditional milk chocolate, Andrea developed Latte-Nero, "black milk." By skillfully adding a higher percentage of cocoa solids, 45%, 51% , 62%, and 70% he creates a darker richer taste on the palate, with much more of the nuance of cocoa, and a silky smooth milk finish.

Thanks to his passion for the careful selection and roasting of cocoa beans, and his completely homemade production methods, Andrea has gained a worldwide reputation for his chocolate. Andrea Slitti's chocolate making ability has accustomed professionals and chocolate fanciers alike to delicious and beautiful creations. His extra bitter bars are the ultimate chocolate-without-distractions experience.

He also creates chocolates filled with classic and innovative creams and topped with pale yellow decals. Andrea Slitti is the master of dark, bittersweet chocolate, as his Gran Cacao bars demonstrate. With 72%, 82%, and 100% cocoa content respectively, these bars will be the benchmark for the discriminating chocolate aficionado and the chocoholic alike.

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