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  • Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Creamy


Swiss Grand Cru Drinking Chocolate - Creamy
1 LB
- Switzerland

Dreamy Creamy Drinking Chocolate!

Drinking chocolate can (and should) match your feelings for the end of the day. Rich and loose. Full of vibrancy, mellow or just plain sweet. We like to make our drink from many different sources of chocolate. From a packet mixed in hot water is easy to melting chocolate in heavy cream. From dark to milk chocolate, each has place in the hot chocolate lovers life.

This creamy hot chocolate is perfectly dreamy when the conditions are just right. After a long day on the slopes, in the summer sitting around the campfire or on your deck as as you watch the sun drop below the horizon. It's just about right!

Essential Pantry's Creamy Hot Chocolate is made from the same Venezuelan Criollo cocoa beans as their Dark Drinking Chocolate, but it only contains 49% cocoa solids. What makes this hot chocolate "creamy" is the addition of cream from the milk of Swiss cows. The cream allows the full cocoa flavor coming through without being too bitter or too sweet and provides a smooth finish, and I would recommend it for those who don't like their hot chocolate too bitter.