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  • Grand Cru Ultra-Dark Chocolate - Elvesia Bittersweet - 74%


Grand Cru Ultra-Dark Chocolate - Elvesia Bitter Sweet - 74%

1 pound bag - Switzerland - Organic

The elegant, rich cacao flavor is entwined with tender tones of black tea and mild tobacco notes. The traditional, gentle processing method (72 hours conching) releases in this exceptional chocolate a fruity note, which is complimented by a hint of refreshing orange flavor and a pleasant grapefruit sharpness, leading to a long-lasting and festive finish. 

Tempering is necessary when using the couverture in its pure form for molding, making showpieces or dipping candies; it is not required when using couverture as an ingredient; melt carefully using one of the following methods: a water bath (taking care that no steam or water comes into contact with the couverture), warming cabinet with a temperature control, or in a microwave.

To coat pralines and specialties, fill hollow shells and create ganaches, mousses and creams.

Chopping slabs of chocolate is time-consuming and tiring. Luckily for you, Essential Pantry has found an ultra-dark couverture chocolate all ready to go for drinking chocolate. And yes, couverture means plenty of cocoa butter for a great mouth feel! 

Our Swiss Grand Cru drinking (74%) chocolates offer something for everyone: creamy, dark or ultra-dark. If dark is still not quite dark enough, then this is the drinking chocolate for you. 

Ingredients: Cacao Kernel from Cacao Beans* (Origin: Dominican Republic), Cane Sugar* (Origin: South America), Cacao Butter from Cacao Beans* (Origin: Dominican Republic). Cacao minimum 74%. 

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