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  • Maracaibo 88% Dark Couverture Coins Chocolate


Maracaibo 88% Dark Couverture Chocolate Coins for Sale

1-pound bag - Switzerland

Intensive flavor experience. The strong cacao taste is pleasantly supplemented through a licorice note which then transfers into a roasted coffee flavor rounded by a hint of prune. A black tea note accompanies the slow and intensive finish. Optimal for ice cream.

Tempering is necessary when using the couverture in its pure form for molding, making showpieces or dipping candies; it is not required when using couverture as an ingredient; melt carefully using one of the following methods: a water bath (taking care that no steam or water comes into contact with the couverture), warming cabinet with a temperature control, or in a microwave.

To coat pralines and specialties, fill hollow shells and create ganaches, mousses and creams.

Ingredients: Cacao Kernel, Sugar, Cacao Butter. Cacao minimum 88%.

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I've been so curious about Felchlin after hearing about it from friends and I wasn't disappointed. This is some of the best chocolate I've ever had and I'll definitely buy more in the future.
by Tracy Ross