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  • Fallot Black Currant Mustard


Fallot Black Currant Mustard

7.2 oz
- Burgundy, France

Edmond Fallot Black Currant Mustard has a big nose and lots of texture! Almost olivey in smell, the white wine and blackcurrants come together to produce a potent punch. With a touch of almost bitter, the flavor keeps you “chewing” even after the black currant dijon mustard is gone.It’s a favorite in the store these days. From the texture and taste to the reddish pink color, it is an attractive mix of all the right elements for summer meals!

About Fallot Mustard Mill:
The Fallot Mustard Mill is the last independent Burgundy 'Moutarderie - mustard mill. Fallot has been an independent Burgundian family business since 1840, and is the only one still housed on its original premises, a few steps away from the Hospice of Beaune. Marc Désarménien, the grandson of the man who took over the company, is currently in control of the business, while his father still plays an active role in the company.

Fallot is very proud and protective of the Dijon tradition. The seeds are selected for their quality and are still ground as before using traditional millstones. Now as before, Fallot looks to the mustard-maker's craft to guarantee a quality product, which is why they still use traditional millstones in their process - indeed, they the only Dijon producer that still uses the traditional stone mill method.