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Hawkshead Pink Grapefruit & Gin Marmalade

227 gr/ 9 oz - Lake District, England

Pink Grapefruit and Gin
this is a 3 part experience!

Pop the top and get a resounding POP! (Ok so not always)

The first look in is a flat top glossy gel with little bubbles and slivers of grapefruit just below the surface.

Dive your spoon in like it is cutting through a glassy pond in summer. The spoon, if withdrawn without scooping, will show a nicely covered surface with bits if jell.

Without the influence of the bits and pieces of pink grapefruit the jell still encompasses the the flavor of a ginned up fruit! Sweet but not too sugary as the sharp edges of the grapefruit cuts through to balance nicely.

A bite with the pink grapefruit bits is just another excellent dimension overall. As the jell melts away, full of flavor, you chew the peel and it is so pleasing! Not giant chunks gnawing have to happen here, more like a chew you look forward too!

It is a three part experience. First the jell, full of delicious flavors combined to be one; next the bite or chew of the grapefruit giving body with little hits of pink grapefruit flavor; and finally finishing with a trailing grapefruit nuance filled with a dry gin.

What a joy to eat off a spoon... though a crisply toasted fresh bread would be the cat's meow!



pink grapefruit (46%), gin (7%), water, gelling agent - pectin, lime juice, juniper oil.

About the Producers
The Hawkshead Relish Company is small, family-run artisan food business based in rural Cumbria, in England's Lake District. Although small, they have already taken home more than 30 "Great Taste Awards" for their relishes, pickles and preserves.

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