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  • Ciao Brand Cannellini Beans - Canned


Ciao Brand Cannellini Beans - Canned

400 gram (14 oz) can - Italy

Cannellini beans are also known as Italian white kidney beans, have a nutty, earthy flavor that is great in salads, cassoulet and ragouts. 

Canned beans compared to dried, uncooked beans are like dried pasta is to fresh. The same base - yet different - and each excelling in their own intended purpose. 

However canned beans from Italy are so much better than the ones you typically find in the local grocer. They are like a totally different food! 

Firm, to the bite, yet soft on the tongue, these beans are just right.  

Reserve the liquid from the can as a binder for gluten free recipes. 

ingredients: beans, water, salt