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  • Castillo De Canena Olive Oil - Arbequina


Castillo De Canena Olive Oil - Arbequina

2022 Harvest

 500 ml - Jaén, Andalucia, Spain

Back by popular demand! Spanish extra-virgin olive oil from Castilla de Canena.

Featured in the book, Extra Virginity by Tom Mueller, Castillo de Canena 100% Arbequina Olive Oil is produced in Andalucia, Spain. Produced by the Vañó family, they have been producing quality olive oils since 1780. Since we only carried one other Spanish olive oil ( Dauro de l'Empordà, another wonderful Spanish olive oil,) we were thrilled when one of our trusty importers decided to bring Castilla de Canena back this year.

The Castillo de Canena Spanish extra-virgin olive oil comes in a slim, handsome brown glass bottle with a rounded-off square shape that's pleasant to grip. The simple, clean label states "Family Reserve," and it's made from 100% Arbequina olives rather than a blend.

Beginning with the very pleasant nose, this oil has a buttery start followed by smooth olive flavor and a good peppery finish in the back of the throat, but becuase it is 100% Arbequine, there is no bitterness. In many ways more mellow than many oils from Italy or California, the Castillo de Canena Spanish extra-virgin olive oil and others like it may be the next big thing.

About the Producer

Based in Andalucia, Castillo de Canena is a family-run company committed to producing superior extra-virgin olive oil. From start to finish, from thier 16 century castle in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina, the Vañó family supervises every element of the olive oil-making process: cultivating, milling, storing and packaging the best of the harvest.

The Arbequino Family Reserve

For generations, the family has followed the tradition of reserving the best of each olive variety's harvest for private use, making a special "Family Reserve." Castillo de Canena now shares it, in limited amounts, with all those who enoy a particularly fine extra virgin oil.

Although the Arbequina olive is usually associated with Catalonia, it is also found in other parts of Spain, including the Balearic Islands, Extremadura and Andalusia. The fruit is small and round, and the tree of medium size, and with very dark-green leaves.


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Note about harvest dates: In the nothern hemisphere, olives are harvest and pressed between October and December.  Which means the current harvest is actually last year. So, for example, if we are in 2017, the current harvest year is 2016.