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Casina Rossa Sorrento Lemon Olive Oil

500 ml bottle - Abruzzo, Italy

Lemon Olive Oil from Abruzzo, Italy

The Californians use Meyer Lemon and the Umbrians use Sorrento lemons. Each with their own personality.

This one is new to us. Coming from Abruzzo, it is very reminiscent of Giuseppe’s oil from Eturia Gourmet, but different.

We are loving this artisan Sorrento lemon infused olive oil because it's perfect for fish or oven blasted vegetables, like asparagus.

To the nose it fills and smells like a wonderful lemon without any bitter notes.

To the eye it has a nice yellow green color and darkens with depth.

To the mouth it is pure joy. A sip is lemony. By the mouthful, it takes a moment for the lemon to evolve into a gentle wash that passes through. As the oil swishes the lemon moves to the outside in the cheeks and to the back of the throat. It has a bit of roll around action and when the oil has dissipated, the upper part of your cheeks seem to keep the lemon flavor!

The finish has a little bit of bitter on the top outer edge of the tongue and a hint heat in the lower back of the throat. Enough to create a little cough.

It’s so good you can drizzle on pasta and that’s all you need! The summer is awesome with artisan Sorrento lemon infused olive oil from Italy.