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Basic Cooked Salmon Recipe



Rice Bran Oil

Olive oil

sea salt and tellicherry peppercorns


Basic Cooked Salmon Recipe Pan-Fried or grilled

Pan fried or Grilled the basics are the same. Keep in mind fresh or flash frozen Alaskan salmon is a fabulous fish and needs little more than salt and pepper. Farm raised salmon just is not the same. Alaskan salmon has a firm flesh and a flavor that can't be beat.

1. Pat the salmon dry and rub olive oil or rice bran oil on the skin side

2. salt and pepper skin side

3. Heat pan or grill to a medium heat

4. If pan frying Add 2 tablespoon butter and rice bran oil to pan

5. Place the fillet skin side down in the pan and cover or on the grill

6. Salt and pepper flesh side

7. Cook until internal temperature is 120F degrees and pull from heat

Indicators that the salmon is more than ready is you may see white frothing coming out which is the proteins of the salmon. This means the salmon needs to get off the heat asap. It is not a disaster at all, just good to keep an eye out for.

Garnish in moderation with more olive oil, butter, and salt pepper if needed. Make a simple sauce or use something like a smokey mustard sauce.