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Amora Fine Mayonnaise

398 gram (14 oz) squeeze bottle - France

People who love France and French food jump for anything from Amora. And this mayonnaise in a squeeze bottle is one of the French ingredients they love the most! This and the Amora mustard.

While classic mayonnaise like Hellmann’s is like a cloud of soft egg and oil, Amora is smooth, like the mist from a tall waterfall or a cool mountain stream.

Amora mayonnaises, flavored or classic, are distinctly different and could be used in the same way. And one could build an opinion, where each flavor profile makes the perfect contribution to the whole.

When adding chutney or a sweet relish, the Amora is perfect, as its lighter approach melds well and allows the partner to shine, as all good partnerships should.

Amora mayonnaise comes out of its very cool dispenser smooth as can be, with a wonderful sheen. To the tongue it is just as it looks, silky salty smooth, with the right amount of edginess, not too much of anything, and then it disappears. No leftover oily remains. Quite enjoyable!

ingredients: rapeseed oil, egg, free-range egg, alcahol vinegar, salt, sugar, modified corn starch, citron juice, aromas, anti-oxidant E385, paprika extract