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Albertengo Apricot Colomba

2.2 pound cake - Italy

Order now for delivery by Easter

Instead of the usual raisins and candied citron, this wonderful Colomba from Albertengo - Master Panettone Maker - is studded with chunks of local apricots, whose slight tartness is the perfect complement to the rich sweet bread surrounding them.

Like all the wonderful Colomba from Albertengo, this one is light and buttery, has a soft texture with a delicate glaze that will melt in your mouth. Just like the lemon, everyone loves the single-fruit breads!

Perfect for the Panettone or Colomba lover in your life.

Quantities are Limited this year.


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The BEST Colomba and panettone!
Albertengo products are superior with a long family history of quality and tradition. An Italian friend with high culinary standards introduced us to Albertengo. Every Christmas and Easter we continue to enjoy their creations. Now we pay shipping from Chefshop instead of New York!
by Donna Freeman
This Colomba is heavenly. We typically get a classic pannetone at Christmas so when Chefs Shop had these for Easter we got two. The shop offers such high quality products. We were blown away by the Colomba. Best ever. I want to try them all.
by Owen Snyder