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  • Yokofuku Shio Koji Garlic Paste


Yokofuku Shio Koji Garlic Paste

150 gram jar - Japan

ingredients: garlic, rice koji, salt

Shio Koji Garlic Paste is garlic that has been transformed into an umami bomb of flavor, creating an easy-to-spread delight!

Take the best characteristics of Shio Koji's magical flavor enhancers for food, and then add one of the most favorite flavors of all: garlic. Blend them together to get the most, and maybe even more, garlic taste into your life!

Think marinades, dipping sauces, dressings, and even pasta. The koji, which breaks down proteins, makes this paste perfect for fish and veggies that crave to be matched with garlic.

Because koji is alive with microorganisms, this spread is probiotic. So, while you eat your garlic potatoes, you're improving your gut health!

An easy, spreadable delight to have on hand next time you crave goodness and are camping in Forks.