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  • Taste #5 Original Umami Paste


Taste #5 Original Umami Paste

70 gram tube

Umami! It's the Bomb! 

Don't be fooled and don't look at the ingredients yet. This is a fabulous tasting tube of stuff. It does taste a little fishy (and that's because of the anchovy paste) but it's so good, and it's a great combination of ingredients that we all like.

You would think if you mixed all those ingredients together you would get this weird, fake tasting thing.

But you don't. This umami seasoning has got flavor, it's got taste, it's got mushroom, it's got balsamic vinegar, it even has Real Parmesan Cheese ...And it's really, really good.

Think a cracker and think beyond. This paste inspires you to create! To mix and to make life more interesting! Get your tube on!

ingredients: tomato paste, garlic, anchovy paste (anchovies, salt,sunflower seed oil), black olives, balsamic vinegar (acitified grape must, wine vinegar, caramel), dehydrated Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis), Parmesan Cheese (pasturized milk, rennet, salt), citric acid, olive oil, wine vinegar, sugar, salt 
Contains Milk Produced in a factory which uses nuts. 

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