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Sweet Sea Salt of Cervia - medium fine

300 gram bag - Cervia, Italy

The "Sweet Sea Salt of Cervia" (Sale Dolce di Cervia) is a renowned type of sea salt harvested in the salt pans of Cervia, a coastal town in Italy.

This salt is famous for its mild flavor and lower levels of bitter minerals like magnesium and potassium, which are typically found in higher concentrations in other sea salts.

The unique conditions and traditional methods of harvesting and processing the salt contribute to its distinct taste and texture.

Historically, the sale pans in Cervia have been in operation since ancient times, and the methods used have remained relatively unchanged.

The sale is harvested manually, which helps retain its natural characteristics and purity. This gentle process ensures that the salt crystals maintain a high moisture content, making them softer and enhancing their "sweet" taste.

This salt is also a part of the Slow Food movement’s catalog of protected products, emphasizing its cultural and culinary importance.

Visiting Cervia, a town in the province of Ravenna in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy brings you to some big beaches and salt pans on the Adriatic coast. And a salt museum.