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  • Summerdown Mint Chocolate Peppermint Crisps


Summerdown Mints Chocolate Peppermint Crisps

7-oz box
- England 

These wonderful chocolate peppermint wafers are thin and dark with crunchy bits of minted sugar. And not just any mint.

Summerdown chocolate mint crisps are made with traditional Black Mitcham peppermint - for centuries, the true flavor of England's famed mint, but a variety that died out due to changes in 20th-century farming. After generations, Summerdown, the producer, has reintroduced this variety, thus bringing back the mint's particular flavor - soft and lingering, with a cool, intense flavor.

These chocolate peppermint wafers are the perfect size, with the right crunch, the right bite, the right mint! Another great product from Summerdown Mint!! 

This is for sure my favorite Summerdown Peppermint Chocolate - and without the cream! If you want the crisp without the cream, this is the one for you.

Please note: This product may contain traces of nuts and milk.

Please note: This product may contain traces of nuts and milk.




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My #1 sweet treat
5 stars but don't buy these. They are too good and you will eat them all in a quarter of the time you plan to. The mint crystals are perfection in combination with the dark chocolate. If the devil is real, this will certainly be in his bag of tricks!
by Nina