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  • Stonegrindz Cappuccino 55-Percent Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar


Stonegrindz Cappuccino 55% Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

57 gram bar - Scottsdale, AZ

Coconut milk chocolate ground with Blue Bottle Espresso. Creamy, dairy-free milk chocolate made with beans from the Ucayali River region of Peru. Milk chocolate with notes of coffee and caramel and dark cherry.

Gold (Americas): 2021 International Chocolate Awards for Milk Chocolate Bars

Winner: 2018 Good Food Award

Ella's tasting notes: The inate choaoclate flavors act as a beautifully balanced backdrop for the inclusions in this bar. There is a synergistic relationship between the chocolate, the ground espresso, and the coconut milk - creating an beautifully blended and harmonious flavor with each piece.  A touch of vanilla elevates the coconut flavor, while a pich of seasalt enhances all the flavors to an eddicaiton level.

The bar melts immediately.  The espresso and cacao beans have been ground together, giving rise to a smooth almost silky texture. Initially, the espresso dominates, but is quickly joined by the creamy rich flavor of the coconut milk, mellowing the intense coffee flavor.  The Peruvian chocolate then joins, and suddently you are at your local cafe enjoying your coconut milk mocha. An unforgetable award-winning chocolate experience.

ingredients:  cacao, cacao butter, cane sugar, coconut, coffee, vanilla bean, sea salt