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  • Skin-on Marcona Almonds


Essential Pantry Skin-on Spanish Marcona Almonds - 16 Oz bag

Marcona Almonds
Fried almonds with the skin on!

When you take a look, at first they look like someone made a mistake and fried them to long. When you find out that they have their skins on and you taste one, you realize what genius they are!

The salt, the almond and the fried skin make just the right combination to this nutty (well actually seedy) treat. Like candy, fried Marcona almonds seem to draw your hand to them.

The salty crunch is addictive and good for you. Like the golden raisins, it's a great snack, and better than a bag of candy corn or malted chocolate sport balls. Mix them with salted marcona almonds and you have delightful appetizer. Just for you!