• SOMA Spark of Joy Candied Roasted Pear Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar
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SOMA Spark of Joy Candied Roasted Pear Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

65 gram bar - Toronto, Canada

SOMA - A Spark of Joy Tasting notes:

To the nose - If you don’t think too hard it smells like a cookie from England. Shortbread or a graham cracker. If you whiff harder you can start to discern lots of smells including a flavorful milk chocolate. It is a pretty exciting whiff …

The Break - It's soft, and if a pear is in the break line it ends with a bendy feel. Find a place that is just the chocolate and it has a good break considering it is milk chocolate. 

1st Bite - Soft with an explosion of flavors.

1st Melt - It's difficult to get a clean melt with all the other elements including the pear. If you find a piece without pear you get salt, with vanilla, a wonderful milk feel - creamy really.

2nd Melt - You taste a whole lot more, more individual pronouncements, more blending together to create a different overall taste, too! Totally fun.

Bite Away - Even when you can bite, you still want to suck on it. A couple of chews and, as it all melds together, it breaks apart and you are compelled to suck and smoosh with your tongue to get it all and hope it never ends. All the while you feel like your eating a really good cookie. The pear is there, though, more like a friend than a fruit.

This is one fun chocolate bar. They say eat it with blue cheese for a paring … and they could be right. I don’t expect that I will ever be able to wait that long, I just ate half a bar trying to understand it all. And now I need to confirm my thoughts with the other half ….