Risotto with Parmesan Cheese Recipe


5 cups Meat Broth or Chicken Broth 

3 tablespoons butter 

2 tablespoons rice bran oil 

2 tablespoons onion chopped very fine 

2 cups Carnaroli rice 

1/2 heaping cup freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese or more 

optional shave white truffle 

salt if needed to taste 

A heavy bottom sauce pan


Basic Risotto with Parmgiano-Reggiano Cheese Recipe


If there is only one risotto you ever make, it should be this one!


Risotto (riso = rice) is defined as rice cooked until it reaches a creamy consistency. It is not just any creaminess. It, when done to perfection, is like no other rice dish in any culture that we know of.


It all starts with the rice itself. The rice is important because not all types of rice can create a creamy texture without being mushy. A good rice creates a delightful creamy texture with definition. There are many options and many more opinions on which rice to use.


This now-classic recipe is from Marcella Hazan's (The Author Who Changed the Way Americans Cook Italian Food: NY Times) cookbook "Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking," which brings two of her classic cookbooks into one. If you only have one Italian cookbook, this is the one to have.


#1: Bring the broth to a very slow, steady simmer on a burner next to a burner where you will be cooking the rice.

#2: Put 1 tablespoon of butter, the rice bran oil, and the chopped onion in a broad, sturdy pot, and turn on the heat to medium high. Cook and stir the onion until it becomes translucent, then add the rice. Stir quickly and thoroughly until the grains are coated well.

#3: Add 1/2 cup of simmering broth and cook the rice, stirring constantly with a long wooden spoon, wiping the sides and bottom of the pot clean as you stir, until all the liquid is gone. You must never stop stirring and you must be sure to wipe the bottom of the pot completely clean frequently, or the rice will stick to it.

#4: When there is no more liquid in the pot, add another 1/2 cup, continuing always to stir in the manner described above. Maintain heat at a lively pace.

#5: Begin to taste the rice after 20 minutes of cooking. It is done when it is tender, but firm to the bite. As it approaches that stage, gradually reduce the amount of liquid you add, so that when it is fully cooked, it is slightly moist, but not runny.

#6: When the rice is about 1 or 2 minutes away from being fully cooked, add all the grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and the remaining butter. Stir constantly to melt the cheese and wrap it around the grain. Off heat, taste and correct for salt, stirring after the salt.

#7: Transfer to a platter and serve promptly.