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  • Carnaroli Rice


Italian Carnaroli Risotto Rice

2 pounds (32 oz)  - Lombardy, Italy 

Carnaroli Rice
for your next creamy Risotto

Of all the rice varieties grown in Italy, Carnaroli rice is the most difficult to grow and process. However, it has the highest amylose content—amylose is a form of starch that has a great effect on the finish of the rice when it is cooked, making it worth the effort.

The relatively high amylose content of Carnaroli gives it the qualities you want—it absorbs a lot of liquid. The Veneria Carnaroli averages 24.1% of the total weight.

Unlike Arborio and its daughter Baldo, Carnaroli rice has a relatively significant window between cooked and overcooked. This makes a creamy, flowing risotto, not a sticky one.

Carnaroli rice is classified as a superfino not because of its nutritional composition or cooking qualities, but because of its dimensions—Italian rice classification is determined by the ratio of length to width, with a high ratio of length to width resulting in a classification of "superfino."

It is therefore ideal for the preparation of risottos, in which the rice needs to be fluffy, as well as rice salads and all fine cuisine dishes, thanks also to the pleasing aspect of the grains.