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Plum Pudding


Holiday Gifts

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Candy Cane




Soy Sauce

Hot Chocolate

Split Peas





Pickled Beans


Chocolate Twigs


Smoked Bacon Smoked Bacon
We took the "ends" from the cutting-of-the-bacon and wrapped the turkey with them for the first time. Smoked the whole deal and it came out great. The bacon I think was better than the turkey. It flavored the turkey and added the right amount of fat to the turkey to make for the perfect taste!
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Mother Sperry Plum Pudding 12 Apostles - stirring the pot
symbolism of 1 plus 12 ingredients

To hear a Brit talk about “their” Plum Pudding ".... which never has been and never will be equaled, much less surpassed, by any other.” it's obvious that they have not tried Mother Sperry;s Plum Pudding. It's made just over dale and up the hill from us.

It must be good for we have at least one customer in England who likes it enough to have Mother Sperry shipped across the pond every year!

Plum Pudding, also known as Christmas Pudding, seems to have a long history that goes back to Medieval England. Expected to be made on the 25th of December it is filled with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and the twelve apostles. And every family member expected to take a turn and stir. “Stir-up Sunday” became “official” in the Victorian Age.

Doused with Brandy, it was lights out and flame the pudding with great ceremony. Pudding is often dressed up with holly or set aflame, the real treat is when you top this glob of stuff with brandy butter, rum butter, ice cream, castor sugar, or a good hard sauce. A spoonful of this mouth watering delicious stuff topped with a topping makes for a holiday in your mouth!

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Albertango Sorrento Lemon Panettone from Italy Annual "taste-of-the-cakes" Holiday Party

Sorrento Lemon Panettone is here!

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Sampling foods

Crackers and Classic Panettone

Cova-Panforte-Panettone holiday Party
We sample and taste all the cakes and drink Espresso, Chai and Hot Chocolate!

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  Balsamic Vinegar

Fruit Syrup

The D'arbo Syrups started with one and has grown and grown. Every single one of these flavors is a treat. Nary a one is what you expect, yet they somehow always manage to be always better in flavor than you expect.

Though the mainstay use appears to be in mixed drinks, we have been finding fun and delightful uses in basic eating. Yesterday, Tony the coffee guy, stole a little syrup and was drizzling it on his Cannoli. Add it to sparkling water or just sample it all day, like I do, with a spoon.

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We're Smoking again!
We got Bacon! It's the amazing ingredient!

This Weeks Recipes

Beef Stroganoff
My mom used to make the greatest Beef Stroganoff. It was always one of my favorites. She served it on grocery store egg noodles. I recommend an artisan Egg Pappardelle pasta.

Carrot Soup
This is so simple. I changed it up a bit this past week. I took yams instead of carrots, baked them until really soft (about 90 minutes) then peeled and added to the onions. I also added apple and pear, along with maple syrup. It is good, tasty and best of all, easy. Still kind of tastes like carrot soup though.

Chocolate Cinnamon Rice Pudding
A twist on this very simple recipe. The freshest eggs makes this recipe!

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Calming Natural Lozenges

Panettone, Panforte, Party

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