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  • Olio Verde Olio Nuovo



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Olio Verde Olio Novello 2020

500 ml bottle - Sicily, Italy

2019 Tasting Notes

Often, the standard Olio Verde can be the go to oil. For an Olio Nuovo it is not so much this year. The mildest of all the oils we have, and virtually no bitterness at all. For some there will be a cough and a tickle, and for others there will be none.

2016 Tasting Notes

A smooth dark green color is the classic look of this wonderful Italian oil. A longtime favorite of so many with it’s always familiar flavor profile.

This year much of the classic Olio Verde flavor is there. This means a nice olive flavor that resides and hangs out on the front of the tongue.

A pleasant burn is at the back of the throat. A multiple cough joy!


2014 Tasting notes

Olio Verde has a wonderful dark green color that shimmers in the light making it appear phosphorescent. This dark color reinforces what your nose told you when you first took a whiff from the top of the bottle. 

This always full of freshness, described as green grassy (a freshly cut greens) olive oil has a full bodied mouth feel. Filling the mouth, you feel its explosive power of flavor. And as it finishes meeting your mouth sensors, there is only a hint of bitterness on the edge of the tongue. 

As the oil dissipates to the back of your mouth and down the throat there is that all wonderful peppery kick and the wonderful cough that comes with. 

This oil is a favorite of so many here, and hasn’t wavered in ten years!

2013 Tasting Notes:
Tasting like a ripe pumpkin or squash this oil typically has a giant bite at the back of the throat. This year initially I did not get that burn. On the second swig of oil the burn rolls down the sides of the tongue and across the throat, thus producing a tickle and a cough.

The tip of the tongue gets the distinct flavors of a new oil.

2010 Tasting Notes:
Olio Verde is one of those oils that can really grow on you over time.

2009 Tasting Notes:
The greenest of them all this year. Spicy and strong, Olio Verde is always excellent.