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  • NeoCocoa Black Sesame Seed Toffee Brittle
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Neo Cocoa Black Sesame Seed Toffee Brittle

3 oz bag - Belmont, CA

Toffee Brittle with Black Sesame Seed

Toffee is so easy to make. Sugar, butter, water and toppings.

And even though it so easy to make, I never want to. Toffee is such a super treat to eat, I love it when someone else makes it!

It's a gift of simplicity rewarded with a crunch, bite, and flavor!

And this toffee? It is not too sweet, it is a great refreshing treat, and it is not thick, like some. Instead it is thin and svelte. The break is the toffee and not your teeth!

In the package the view is shards of toffee. Each piece is different in shape and size. One side is flat chocolate, the flip side is topped with small white sesame seeds against the contrasting dark chocolate. And when you look closely you can see the black sesame seeds co-mingling with the chocolate and the other sesame seeds.

The first bite is joyous, with an easy crunch, an explosion of subtle flavor of chocolate, with the toasted sesame tingling the edges of the tongue. And there is a lot more sesame flavor than just what is on top.... (look closely at the edge and you will see the black sesame is in the toffee too!) 

Some of the pieces are bigger than a mouthful and need to be snapped into smaller, enjoyable bite-size pieces. Don't be afraid though, the dark chocolate won't melt (unless you have hot hands) when you lightly hold to make the break. It snaps so easily (and is strangely rewarding) that you start breaking with abandon! 

The enjoyment factor with a small piece is so much better because a large piece gives you a mouthful which you consume because you are forced to chew and swallow. With a small, thumb-size piece you can taste the chocolate, enjoy the crunch of the sugar which blends with the dark chocolate and get the sesame on the edge of your tongue. 

You finish with clean molars, and a lovely dark chocolate flavor that makes you want to suck in your cheeks and the sesame. 

When you are done with a piece or more, the joy of the bite is still with you to enjoy for quite some time. How good is that! Leaving a good taste in your mouth (instead of a bad like the news does) is a wonderful thing!


ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, sunflower lecithin, pure vanilla), brown sugar, butter, black sesame seeds, toasted sesame seeds, sea salt.  Contains dairy and may contain traces of tree nuts


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my kind of treat
This black sesame seed toffee brittle chocolate is my kind of treat. It’s the perfect amount of sweet to feel indulgent but not guilty. The rich burnt sugar taste of the toffee is great with the black sesame crunch, pulled out with a smidge of salt. Coated in chocolate. Really good.
very different chocolate
This product is very taste for a non-chocolate lover. It is sweet enough and flavor. Happy it comes in small packages as I would eat a whole big box.t.
by Andrea
toffee brittle with black sesame seeds
Bought for son and his wife and they both really liked it and gave it 5 stars!!
by jennie
Loved this!
Bought this on a whim and it's delicious! Not too sweet, and the chocolate didn't overwhelm the savory sesame seeds. I will buy this again!
by Holly
Exceptionally YUM
Extremely delicious. Happy that there is a reasonable amount because otherwise I would dive in and never come out! If you love black sesame and dark chocolate, this is the treat for you. Savor it slowly, as a little goes a long way.
by Bonnie