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Muso Hot Yuzu Sauce Red

100 ml jar - Japan

ingredients: yuzu citrus pepper (yuzu zest, cilli pepper, salt) red pepper

Shake the bottle, pop the top, and pour out a spoonful of red or green sauce.

The first thing you will notice is that this sauce has bits and pieces. One can assume that these are the Yuzu zest that gives a hint of an over-under citrus personality and finish.

Intertwined with chili pepper and red pepper, this sauce has some heat to it. Not too hot that you can't sip it from a spoon, though your lips will tingle and sing a bit.

However, there is no everlasting burn in your throat, and no loss of consciousness in the interior of your mouth. Though it definitely gives you the fear that this is going to happen.

There is something about the aura, the nose, the feel that makes you nervous. In the end, though, what you get is some nice hot sauce that opens up your pores to explore the flavors of the soup that you have added it to.

Perfect for congee or baked beans, think of adding it to a nice seafood pasta dish. Because it is so accessible, a splash or a dash on a sandwich or eggs works just fine. So far, I am liking it when I added it to my Walla Walla honey!

Sipped alone, it will leave a bit of an edge on the tongue with a citrus zest, pepper feel. It is a delight to use. It is making me wonder if I can add it to my next baking adventure.