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  • Large Pantescan Capers (1 KILO)


Large Pantescan Capers

1000 grams (2.2lbs) - Pantelleria, Italy

Grown on the island of Pantelleria and preserved in the native sea salt for La Favorita Fish. The island of Pantelleria is 70 km away from Africa and 85 km from Sicily. It is considered by many culinary afficionados as the ultimate source for capers. These are large capers, picked just before they were ready to flower. Preserved in sea salt as they are also means that none of this aromatic flavor has been lost. A rare find indeed! This is a home chef's delight, a big jar of quality salted capers. It weighs in at 2.2 pounds - that's the equivalent of 13 small jars - and they will keep for over a year, if they last that long.

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