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La Vecchia Dispensa 12-yr Balsamic  (Density: 1.27)
250 ml
- Modena, Italy

This is some serious balsamic.

Flavor profile:

Their "Spalla" is known as 12-Year here in the USA, to give you a feel for the age of some of the balsamics used for the blend. It has a more complex palate than their 10-Year, and it isn't as dry on the finish. It has caramel notes as well as a fruity, crisp finish. The result? It is notably sweeter than the 10-year.

Serving suggestions:

This is a very versatile balsamic; it will work on salads as well as for drizzling and dipping, and it is delicious on strawberries and ice cream.

In gourmet cuisine, balsamic vinegar can be used in the most widely varying ways. There are no specific dosages, but rules have built up over more than a century of use. Experience has shown that authentic balsamic should always be the last ingredient added to any dish, except for when it is used to season salads. 

This is an IGP Balsamic of Modena.

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Worth Every Penny
Best all- around- use Balsamic Vinegar that I have tried. Perfect balance,Not too sweet, but flavorful and complex. This is the second bottle ordered from Chef Shop.I am hooked. It is well worth the price.
by Laura Scheyer