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  • Kankitsu Labo Dry Candied Blood Orange Peel
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Kankitsu Labo Dry Candied Blood Orange Peel

1.05 oz Bag - Japan

ingredients: blood orange, beet sugar, millet jelly, ascorbic acid

A perfect little packet of citrus peel for snacking

There is a group of wonderful "peels" in small packets for snacking on. Sweetened with beet sugar and millet jelly, they are chewy and easy on the teeth. If you like candied peel, these are special.

To be clear, they are not thick or big chunks like some candied fruit from France or Italy made for baking. These are small and delightful, though I have used them as toppings and finishing for cakes and cookies so far. The blood orange peels are just like you would expect them to taste, and I really like the way they hold up their flavor in a cake.