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Kankitsu Labo Candied Japanese 5 Fruit Citrus Peel Group

5 flavors x 1.05oz packets - Japan

1 each package of five fruit peel flavors - yuzu, blood orange, kawachi bankan, iyokan, amanatsu 

Snacking while flying
Life is short, bring the treats you love!

Air travel has changed during the last 2 years, and now it feels like we are packed in like sardines, with no empty seats, and flight attendants are asked to do more than ever. The $2.50 meal we used to get for free is gone now, replaced with a soda.

I remember when I was filming the new British Airways 757 in-service, the British gentleman next to me was complaining to the flight attendant that he only got one fork for his meal and not the customary three he was most comfortable with. He was quite appalled. She did find him more forks and he managed to harumph a thanks.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen silverware on an airplane. In fact, many people flying today have probably never seen silverware on their meal trays, nor an actual full meal served without having to pull out a credit card to pay for it.

Bringing your own snacks on the plane has become more important than ever. For any trip longer than a few hours, a snack is essential!!! And if you’re taking your mask off, it should be something delicious! (Yes!! I still wear a mask! Too much breathing all around you on a plane. I don’t want to smell the garlic you had for lunch And whatever thing that kid across the aisle is crying about, it has to be contagious!)

On my last trip, I brought along these wonderful candied peels. Small bite-size pieces in packs just perfect for traveling. They were tart, sweet, interesting little nibbles that kept my mind active and my mouth happy. Just the right bite, with a different citrus featured in each package.

Packed as a package of 5, these are great any time you need a quick pick me up!