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In-Home GREEK GODS Cooking Class
Currently available in Seattle only
 2-10 students per class
Mediterranean food is filled with healthy ingredients and fabulous flavors. Join the chef she/he demonstrated some of the delicious Greek dishes that you can easily make at home! Dishes may include: Dolmades Stuffed with Herbed Rice, Traditional Cucumber Tzatziki Sauce, Hummus, Shrimp and Tomatoes with Feta, and Date and Walnut Phyllo Rolls for dessert.

Fine Print: Date, time and location much to arranged in advance. Class options and date/time/location subject to chef availability. Locations more than 1/2 hour from downtown Seattle are subject to a travel charge. Any locations that require extra travel expenses (such as ferry fare and tolls) will be charged extra. Class includes all fresh and pantry ingredients needed for the class, but does not include liquid refreshments; liquid refreshments are the responsibility of the home owner. Class does not include service ware or utensils. It is assumed that the homeowner has enough and appropriate glasses, plates, serving platters, and silverware. At the $399 price, no server/prep chef will accompany the chef to help prep, serve and clean up; server/prep chef also not included if the class is purchased via a daily-deal voucher or with a discount coupon or coupon code. Additional server/prep chef available for an additional $100.00