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Iio Jozo Honey Sweetened Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar (Beniimosu)

120 ml bottle - Japan


Ilio Jozo Beniimosu Honey-Sweetened
Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar!

When I first started using this vinegar I thought it was good, and I especially loved the shape of the bottle.

To the mouth, it wasn't specific, it didn't sing a song. It was sweet, and sweet potato, though sweet potato isn't quite a flavor I imagine in my dreams.

And then when I ran out, that is when I realized I really liked how it transformed my stir-fries. A splash brightened all the other flavors like no other vinegar in the pan.

I have tried a lot of vinegars (I have a lot of them in my pantry) and none does the same as this vinegar does. Maybe there is a reason why it does so well in a Wok, I just don't know what it is.


ingredients: water, purple sweet potato, rice, honey

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