Honey Creme Fraiche Recipe


2 cups creme fraiche - or sour cream if not available

2 tablespoons raw honey - Any honey works - consider a honey with lots of personality. If the
honey is solid, you can warm it in warm water until it is smoother.

fresh mint sprigs - washed - for garnish


Honey Creme Fraiche Recipe

This sweet topper works perfectly on top of a bowl of fresh berries or stone fruit, or as a sweet dipper for fresh strawberries. Basically, it's perfect anywhere you want to replace whipped cream. It's heavier and richer -- but so much better....

If you can't find crème fraîche, you can use sour cream instead. I prefer the European-style sour cream, but the American-style works fine as well. If it's too solid, you can always thin it a little with a teaspoon or two of milk (or apple juice...).

Any delicious raw honey would work. If you're working with solid honey, just warm it up a bit in a water bath before mixing it into the crème fraîche. But don't heat up the honey too much, or it won't be raw anymore.


1. Place creme fraiche in a mixing bowl, and slowly add honey - until sweetness comes through. You don't want to add so much honey that it complete coves-up the tangyness of the creme fraiche.

2. Place fresh or freshly grilled fruit on plate, top with a scoop of honey creme fraiche, garnish with a mint sprig, and serve warm.