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  • High Plains Sweet Clover Honey


High Plains Sweet Clover Honey
9 oz jar

This is not your every-day clover honey, not by a long shot. Collected and made by bees in the high plains, (over 5,000 feet up) out west in Wyoming and South Dakota.

There, the luscious, sweet clover grows in abundance in fields and along stream beds, and the bees love the yellow and white blossoms, some of which stand at the ends of three foot tall leafy clover stems. That is some healthy clover!

This is truly what clover honey is supposed to taste like. Not like what you get in the squeezy bear, which, heads-up, is probably not even honey. You will not be disappointed with this liquidy-golden nectar.

Selected by Food & Wine magazine as the best Clover Honey available anywhere!

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