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  • Hawkshead Orange and Whisky Marmalade
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Hawkshead Orange & Whiskey Marmalade

200 gram jar - Lake District, England

Orange and Whisky Marmalade!
Open the jar to a satisfying pop!

Initially the nose smells orange and then the trace of whiskey comes through.

With just four ingredients, sugar, Seville orange, water and whiskey, you know you’re in for a good treat.

To the eye you see a jelly-like top with bits of peel just below the surface.

It’s hard to just get the jelly substance without peel, in fact, it might be impossible. When you pull out a small spoonful there are little itsy-bitsy pieces of peel everywhere.

And this is a good thing, no this is a great thing! With each spoonful - I know you’re not supposed to eat it with a spoon, - it’s more delicious.

The whiskey isn’t just whiskey, it’s there everywhere yet doesn’t loudly say I’m here.

It does give you this wonderful, overall sense of something very special. If you like peel and you want marmalade, then this might be one of the best you’ll ever find. A spoonful is like candy to the mouth.

The jelly and the peel come together to make harmony. I can’t wait to try it on an English muffin or maybe I’ll add it to my morning oatmeal. Cheers!