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Haku Aged Japanese Smoked Shoyu - 375 ml - Kyoto, Japan

Traditional Shoyu cold smoked with Japanese white oak wood. Smoked shoyu is traditionally made and brewed using the ancient Mushiro Koji process - yielding an exceptional shoyu. 

After fermenting and aging, the master craftsman follow a meticulous cold-smoke process, unique to the Haku family company, using only Mizunara Hard Wood, a type of Japanese White Oak. 

The result is a beautifully balanced, lightly smoked flavor and aroma; this aged Japanese soy sauce contains a perfect balance of quality fermented Shoyu and smokiness. 

Add a little smoked umami to your next flank steak marinade! Used in moderation as a finishing shoyu, it will deliver a uniqueness and complexity to some of your favorite recipes that call for soy sauce (or shoyu)

Water, soybeans, salt, wheat, natural wood smoke