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  • Organic Thompson Raisins


Essential Pantry Organic Thompson Raisins

1 pound - California

Perfect for making Drunken Raisins

Arthritis fighter?

Whether you soak them in gin made with juniper for drunken raisins or eat them out of the bag in the palm of your hand, these raisins are so much better than the raisins in the little box you had in your lunch at school!

Just a few are satisfying and good for your brain, and your teeth too!

Munch on a bag of raisins to curb your candy desires!

When Thompson grapes dry, the high concentration of sugars produces nature’s candy, called raisins, which are 70% fructose.

Raisins contain iron, vitamin C, calcium, boron (essential for bone health and osteoporosis prevention by helping absorb minerals like calcium and magnesium), kaempferol flavonoid (may reduce your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent), quercetin (antihistamine properties), catechins phytonutrient (may help to oxidize fat and improve your cognitive power!), and oleanic acid, which makes this candy a fighter of tooth decay by attacking the bacteria that causes cavities.

Golden raisins (which, because they are organic, are actually light brown) have more of the above than dark raisins, except for the nutrient that makes you “smarter.”

The difference in the raisins, dark (Thompson) and golden (White Muscat or Thompson), is the drying process. The dark is dried by the sun, and the golden are dried indoors, most often in ovens.

These drunken raisins for arthritis are NOT treated with sulfur dioxide to keep them light golden in color during the drying process - instead, they are lightly brown. (About 1 in 100 people have some allergy to sulfur dioxide.)

Drunken raisins for arthritis are an interesting “cure,” perhaps a bit like the “snake oil” of the Wild West; it has a strong following and is believed to help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing this to be true, with many people talking about how it works for them. And, there are others that poo-poo it, saying it’s nothing but a placebo.

I suppose if it works for you, you might not care how these drunken raisins for arthritis work, right? Arthritis pain is like a cold 40º day in the Northwest, where your skin is warm but your bones ache and there seems like there is nothing you can do about it!

Drunken Raisins for arthritis is pretty simple to make; it just takes a little time. In a jar or dish that can be left open, place "golden" raisins and cover with gin that is made from juniper.

Let the mixture sit a week to a month to let all the alcohol evaporate, then eat about 8 raisins a day.

I had a friend who was in terrible pain, and when he started this process, I thought he was joking, thinking it was just a “gin” excuse until he told me that you wait until the alcohol is gone.

Perhaps the benefit is a combination of the ritual of taking matters into your own hands, the "golden" raisin's health benefits, and the juniper in the gin. Try it and let us know. It’s only "golden" raisins and gin... either way, it can’t be bad...

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