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10 pounds of Fresh Lapin Cherries (sweet, dark cherries)

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Mid to Late June

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about Lapin Cherries:

The Lapins Cherry, is a big, beautiful, dark red, sweet cherry. Lapins are some of the largest, juiciest cherries that grow on trees. They're great for snacking, and so big that one cherry is a mouthful! Kevin Stennes, of Stennes Family Farms, says Lapins are his favorite of all the cherries. And he should know...

Although Bings are the more well-known sweet eating cherry, some of us here at prefer the Lapin - you'll have to try them for yourself! The crunchiness and juiciness just won our hearts . . . and our stomachs.

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Who Knew 10 Pounds Wasn't Enough?
So last year, we bought 5 pounds of Lapin cherries and were amazed at the juiciness of the inch-long fruit. The skin popped as I bit into it and my mouth filled with sweet cherry juice. I vowed to buy more next time. So this year, I ordered 10 pounds of Lapin cherries, which were delivered in perfect condition. I thought we'd have to freeze some, so as not to lose any to age. Yeah. Right. We're down to the last few cherries and I didn't freeze any. I'm actually thinking I might need to increase my order size next year. The only thing that's tough is that when I get the cherries and taste how wonderful, sweet and juicy they are, its too late to order more. It's like tasting something at the market and grabbing a pack. Then tasting it again and grabbing another pack because they're so good. I only wish I could grab another 10 pounds of the cherries THIS year!
by Sue
I used to order 5 pounds of Bings and 5 pounds of Lapins. Both were always perfect and delicious (delivered to Phoenix, Arizona in JULY). This year I decided to go with all Lapins. I thought I had ordered them in March but evidently not. I called at the last minute just to check on the delivery date and turns out I hadn't ordered. However, ChefShop made my dream come true and we received our 10 pounds of Lapins. Again in perfect condition (it was 112 degrees in AZ that day). It's just my husband and myself who managed to eat all 10 pounds in 2.5 weeks without a blemish on a single one. Thank you again Chefshop for perfect cherries year after year delivered perfectly to our door.
by Sally Thurnau Kanaga