Gift Certificate of Sweet Washington Cherries


How to order the Gift of Sweet Washington Cherries.

1) Choose the cherry or cherries you wish to give

2) Add the cherries to the cart

3) Checkout

4) Choose where you want to ship the cherries

5) Below the Select Shipping Method > in the Special shipping requests: box

Select Shipping Method

Type in 

A. the recipients name

B. and any information you would like to include to help us ensure you will receive the certificate via email.

Please include your email address so you will see this email

Look for an email from

with a subject line of : ChefShop Gift Certificate

C. Please proceed with the checkout process and we should contact you within 48 hours.

Questions? Please email or call at 206-286-9988

The Sweet Washington Cherries Gift Certificate
The gift that comes twice!

Sweet Cherries are one of those gifts that our world gives us and it's one of the sweetest gifts you can give. A Cherry Certificate received now, as the winter temperatures turn cold, is a warm reminder of what gifts the summer harvest has to offer.

No shipping charges here! It's our version of "buy now - pay later". Remember, we don't charge you until we know the cherries are ready, just before harvest, in late June to early July, depending on the cherry variety.


Choose the Cherries you want to share.

Checkout and in the message box tell us for whom you want the certificate made out to.

We will email you the certificate and you can then deliver the certificate via email or print it out to hand deliver.

We have found that if we email the certificate it is often lost to spam filters or the recipient deletes it. (No worries the certificate still exists, but the recipient just won't know about it)