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*** Time to order your 2018 Sweet Cherries! ***

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For Gift Orders:
During the holiday season, PDF Fruit Certificates as emailed to purchaser within 24-48 hours of ordering. the certificate indicates to whom the cherries are being sent, as well as who the gift is from. If there is not a separate ship-to name and address, the "to" section of the certificate will be left blank, so that you can fill it out however you wish. If you need us to mail a physical certificate to the gift recipient, please let us know.

Every year is, of course, different. The weather plays a big factor, and 2016 will be no different. In 2011, all the cherries were 2-3 weeks late. In 2012, they all were harvested about a week early. 2013 they were all about on time. 2014 they were very early - and, due to the very warm winter and spring, and 2016 was early as well.  In 2017, everything started out early, and then became "right on time" -- although we are not really sure what that means anymore ... SO, what does this mean?  It means everything is a big, fat guess.

*** Dates listed below are estimates, and could change if the temperatures start to go up or down, or is they get a heat wave in Eastern Washington. We will try to keep this information up to date as much as possible. We will also be posting update on our facebook page.

* Early Robins: MID to LATE JUNE, 2018 - First cherries of the season.

* Bings: LATE JUNE, 2018 - Usually ship with or just before the Rainiers.
* Rainiers: EARLY JULY, 2018 - Usually ship about a week after the Early Robins.

* Lapins: EARLY TO MID JULY, 2018 - Usually ship a week after the Bings-- but sometimes at the same time.
* Sweethearts: MID TO LATE JULY, 2018 - Usually ship 2 weeks after the Lapins - but sometimes three. 2015 has been a weird year - so who knows!

Click here to order cherries: Order Stennes Family Sweet Fresh Cherries

How to choose? Well, you can always order the full Quintet of Fresh Cherries: one box of each variety delivered over the course of the cherry season! But if that is too many cherries for you, here's our super-speedy run-down of the varieties:

* Early Robins: An early-season Rainier-like, light-skinned, sweet cherry. Very low acid - so, "sweet" is best description. Perfect for people who are sensitive to acid - like my mother-in-law.
* Rainiers: Rare outside of Washington State, Rainiers have a pale, yellow-ish pink-ish skin, with a very sweet flavor. Also low acid.
* Bings: Famous Bings are delicious, dark-red sweet cherries, firm and juicy.
* Lapins: Harder to come by outside our region, Lapins are big, firm, almost crunchy to the bite, and lusciously juicy.
* Sweethearts: The last to ripen, Sweethearts have a hint more tang to their sweetness, and they're not as enormous as the Lapins. If you like that tart, cherry flavor, these are the cherries for you.

Click here to order cherries: Order Stennes Family Sweet Fresh Cherries

*Local customers -- please call for local price on cherries. Local orders must be picked up at our store.

Rainier Cherries from 3rd and 4th Generation Farmers from Tim Mar on Vimeo.

The Stennes Family Farm grows some of the finest fruits. We visit the secret orchard of the giant Rainier Cherry and a quick visit to the hand line sorting facility that your cherries come from.


"I just wanted to compliment you on the last order of cherries I received from you. They were the best cherries I've ever eaten. They were huge, meaty, and sweet. I didn't spot a single--not one--blemish in the whole batch. Thank you...I'll be a repeat customer for sure!"  --Maura

"The best cherries ever, delivered to your door."     --Bon Appetit Magazine

 "Our food editors are wild for the Bing cherries grown ... in Washington State. Shipped right after being picked, each red globe is firm, juicy, and bursting with sweet flavor."   --Gourmet Magazine

"When I tasted the Bing cherries from ... [], I thought I had died and gone to Heaven."  --Marian Burros, The New York Times

Click here to order cherries: Order Stennes Family Sweet Fresh Cherries