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Great base for Chicken Stock
This product is excellent as a base for Chicken Stock or just to fortify existing stock.
by Jerry Lavish
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More Than Gourmet Classic Reduced Chicken Stock

16 oz - Ohio

Want home-made chicken stock at the ready, but just don't have time? Well ... now you can. This 16-oz container creates approximately 5 gallons of gourmet chicken stock! It's a 40-time reduction, so a little goes a long way. And they have done all the work for you -- cooked down the bones and everything. Hard to beat!

You know all those times that you've substituted water for chicken stock in a recipe? And it turns out fine...but you know that with the stock, it would have been simply delicious. Then this is the solution for you! Fond de poulet results in a perfect chicken stock whenever you need it - especially at the last minute.

This chicken stock concentrate gluten-free.  

Ingredients: Water, dried chicken stock, salt, carrot stock, celery stock, poultry gelatin, onion stock, chicken fat, chicken, chicken skin, modified food starch, natural flavor.