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  • Fleur De Sel de Guerande - Le Guerandais - IGP


Fleur De Sel de Guerande - Le Guerandais - IGP

250 gram bag - Guerande, France

Absolutely our very best deal and our "sweetest" salt. Gram per gram, this is the lowest priced Fleur de Sel from Guerande. And don't be fooled by others, this is from Guerande.

The artisan salt works of the Le Guerandais coorperatives have been harvesting the sea from family-owned salt farms for centuries. Though salt has been harvested by hand in Guérande for over one thousand years, the artisan charter of "Nature et Progrès" (Nature & Progress) defines a strict mode of production and a guarantee of origin for his salts. This charter's mission is to preserve the identity of Sel de Guérande, including the natural environment and the traditional artisan work from which this sea salt is born.

In this vast natural and preserved coastal reserve, sea water from the Atlantic Ocean is channeled by the "paludiers", or sea salt farmers, into successive clay basins. Eventually the water reaches the "oeillets" (shallowest areas) where wind and sun crystallize the salt along with other rare minerals. These sea salts are naturally sun dried and harvested manually. Some salts are separated by hand through a fine mesh. These sea salts are products of nature in their purest state. Harvesting is done during summer months from July to mid September.