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Katz's December Oil - 375 ml Napa, California - CCOF Organic (2017 Harvest)
Albert's oils are truly a work of art. He labors over every bit of the process, testing and tasting, feeling his olives. His December oil is perhaps the hardest for him to create. It means he must make a decision, the very first of the new year on the blend and thus, the taste. It sets the standard for the rest of the year.

2017 Tasting Notes 

With an almost buttery feel, a pronounced artichoke, and with mild bitter edges. The obligatory double cough comes quicker than others and yet not as sharp. Clearly this oil has fans and will have new fans this year. (Limit one per person.) The soft buttery feel with the mild but long lasting bitter edges has a flatness across the tongue when compared to other new oils. Compared to previous years, this December’s Oil is extremely friendly. It will win you over by its demeanor.




Limit one per customer.


Tasting Notes 2016 Harvest 2017 December's New Oil

Open the bottle and you never know what you're going to get in the nose.  That very first whiff that is contained in the sealed bottle is waiting to jump out with the smells of a new oil for the 2016 harvest. 

You really only get one chance and so take a big draw to get it all in. Filling the nose with the vapor it is filled with the classic olive oil smell. What’s different is on the edges of the inside of the nose there is a tingle as everything moves around and hints at what is about to come

In the spoon the color this year is more yellow than what I would expect from Katz. 

The smell from the spoon is hard to describe. It's not like you would expect as there are more subtle molecules that are hinting of artichoke and something green. It’s very light in presence, a reflection of the color, yet even with its subtle feel it’s very enticing.

The first swig is very buttery. As it swishes around in the mouth the flavor stays very full, and to the lips it definitely has a buttery feel. There is very little bitter edge on the tongue, a departure for this oil from its norm. It has a full olive feel. It's not exactly light but it is overwhelmingly soft. I like that!

Predominately olivey artichoke there are many nuances of other things, perhaps almond shells. That's not exactly correct but I don't know how to describe it. What a fun oil.

It's so soft and round, the flavor goes and encircles, even the underside of, the tongue. That's an incredibly unique occurrence!

An don't be surprised when the oil with all its butteriness and hints of vegetables stop, and before it gets to the back of the tongue and you think it's done when the back your throat explodes and the cough ensues. What a great peppery finish!!

2015 Tasting Notes - December 2015
Katz December's New Oil!
fruity + bitter + pungency = harmony

Katz New Oil 2015 color has a beautiful yellow tone with green tints.

Thick and buttery to the mouth, it’s soft; a strong gentle feel makes this new oil quite wonderful. It pleasantly envelops the entire top-of-the-mouth before imparting the flavor of olives throughout.

As the oil departs and finishes, it rolls off the edges of the tongue in a very cleansing way. When the oil rolls to the back of the mouth and the tongue specifically, it's gentle with distinct sophisticated flavors and just a hint of bitterness with a wonderful olive taste.

If you squeeze the oil with your tongue to the roof you will get some bitterness on the edges of your tongue; just the right amount.

There's a wonderful flavor combination in the oil this year. With a surprising hint of green almonds, meshed with a mellow artichoke, this year's oil has an almost fruity demeanor, is completely different, sophisticated like it never has been before.

This oil is far from mellow, it has all the characteristics of a New just Harvested Oil, and as the flavor of multiple tones subside, you can feel the back your throat as the pepper finish starts to build slowly, racing to a good strong cough!

Limited supply - one per customer

2014 Tasting Notes

This years is a surprise when it comes to Albert’s December’s New Oil. 

When poured into a spoon the color is much lighter than you would expect, because the nose tells you a different story. When taking your first whiff, your nose fills with a vibrancy of something that feels alive. Your nose puckers as if it’s tasting the vibrant peppery kick. 

A spoonful of Katz’ oil fills the mouth with a soft buttery feel, light in volume it pauses, and then at the very back of your tongue, as if lines of bitterness are drawn down the edges, the freshness of the just picked olives is revealed. 

Then, as the oil falls down the back of your throat you can feel the peppery kick start to grow until you can't hold back and you cough. When done it's gone, perhaps a hint remains on your lips and your throat reminding that you just had something good.

2013 Tasting Notes
Perhaps the distinct shape of the bottle and it’s long neck accelerates the aroma from this oil into your nose. You can smell the olives and if you can say this, you can smell the oil.

There is no indication of what it will taste like. But it does draw you in. With a nice green and a bit of yellow creates the pallet of the oil this year.

The tip of the tongue sends information to the brain as if the oil is dancing on it. Swirl the tongue in the oil and you can discern at least two or three distinct olive shapes.

The oil dissipates quickly yet remains on the lips to tingle them like the tongue.

When first opened (and tasted) the oil had sharp edges that round down the sides of the tongue, not uncharacteristic of Katz’s December's oil.

Now a couple of days later that sharpness has mellowed, yet you know it is a new oil with distinct sharp edges and at the back of the tongue. Just before you get the cough.

It has a wonderful pleasant burning sensation once the oil has completely dissipated. It makes me wish for pasta and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

2012 Tasting Notes:
A good spoonful of Katz Decembers New Oil fills the mouth and stays. Lingering on the tip of the tongue as a clean bitterness rises and then rolls down the sides of the tongue. The oil stays on the lips and in the front of the mouth leaving a distinct flavor.

It takes some time for the flavor to dissipate, and then when you think it's over in the mouth, and all is clear, the peppery kick punches you in the back of the throat and you cough. Katz oil is not for the fainthearted. Tingly on the tongue and coughing in the back this oil is in your face and wants to stay there. Aggressive in nature, it is like a great conversation. This oil rocks!

2011 Tasting Notes:
The first to arrive of the two thousand ten pressings, we opened our sample with great anticipation. If you are quick with your nose you can get a wonderfully full whiff of the oil vapor just after you open the bottle for the first time.

Like last year, the oil is a beautiful green - mesmerizing as you stare at its sheen. It has a full, smooth feel in the mouth. With less pronounced "early" olive and more sophisticated mature olive feel. Almost salty in taste on the edges of the tongue and without the harsh ripe olive taste that sometimes comes with new oils. Taken in small sips, it is intoxicating and one wants to have more. If you want fire in the throat, take a big sip to get the desired burn! Nature is an interesting partner and this year has been kind to us through Albert and Kim Katz's December's New Oil!

2009 Tasting Notes:
This year we are rewarded with a splendid oil, his very best December Oil ever! You can never ever have too many new oils .

Always powerful. Always strong. A Californian with personality, blended to perfection.

Nothing like fresh lightly toasted bread drenched in new oil and sea salt! Check out the other oils for other lip smacking ideas!

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