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  • DArbo Black Elderberry Syrup


D'Arbo Black Elderberry Syrup - 500 ml - Austria

Nothing compares to eh D'arbo fruit syrups. The elderberry is unique and delicious - a perfect companion to the elderflower. Perfect as a dessert topping, or in your bar pantry.

About D'Arbo
It was 1879 Rudolf Darbo laid the foundations for a "fruit steamery" in Gorizia (now in Italy by the Slovenian border). That was the start of what is now one of the most successful companies in Austria's history. Some 50 years later, his son, Adolf Darbo, relocated the company in the Tyrolean village of Stans, concentrating his efforts producing quality syrups and bottling honey.

In 1970, the family company now under Klaus Darbo went into the third generation. Klaus Darbo followed the company tradition - following the company tradition and resolutely continuing the strategy of manufacturing products of superior quality. Darbo's capacity for innovation was one of the key factors in the company's success. In 1994, Darbo launched its premium quality fruit syrups line - and we are glad they did.

Darbo fruit syrups are highly concentrated fruit juices for dilution with water. Over 80% fruit juice content from selected varieties for a unique taste experience. No chemical preservatives or colourings are used in the production.

ingredients: Sugar, Concentrated black elderberry juice, citric acid


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I love this product. Drink it often in mineral water or seltzer water. Unfortunately, I have a difficult time locating the elderberry syrup. I would highly recommend. Its refreshing and is pleasant tasting. Try with fresh lemon.
by Therese