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Boni Mores Organic Sardinian Olive Oil - Novello

500 ml bottle - Sardinia, Italy

2023 Pressing

Tasting notes 2023 harvest:

To the nose, you get a little tingle, and you could smell the green, fresh olive oil.

To the eye, it's green with darkness, which appears like specs and a touch of yellow-green.

To the tongue, you taste a floating cloud-like vapor the olive taste. It's nice. This oil is just recently pressed and has a lot of wonderful banana to it.

Sip it like you would a wine with a slurp, the banana cloud and the olive come together, giving you a wonderful buttery taste.

And then, as you are gently savoring all the flavors, you suddenly realize there's a tickle in the back of your throat, and then boom, you are coughing.

For some, it'll be a clearing of the throat that you can't refuse to do, for others, it will be spicy.

It is a perfect blend of good excitement and freshness!
There's no bitterness with this oil. It's really pleasant. Pleasant in a good way. 

It's round, it's fun, and it's friendly. It still has that vibrant personality which is hidden and shows up in the back of the throat. It's really a nice contrast to our other olio nuovo this year.

Boni Mores does not designate this olio nuovo, but it is just harvested, arriving on our docks two days ago. It is one of the nicest oils I have tasted. A true complement to my collection and different enough to want to have a bottle for mys

Mix of Paschiscedda and Nero di Gonnos olives