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Bona Furtuna Organic Tomato Marinara Sauce

25 oz jar - Sicily, Italy

Original Marinara

When you open the original marinara to the nose it smells like a crushed tomato. To the mouth the first thing you notice is how smooth it is. It’s smooth with just a little bit of tickle and then it disappears in a wonderful fade of flavor.

On the first bite a memory comes back, it tastes like a V-8 juice, just way, way better. It’s delicious!

To the mouth the first thing you notice is how smooth it is. It’s smooth and has just a little bit of acid tickle and then it disappears with a wonderful memory.

On the subsequent spoonfuls the taste is very delicious, like a liquid tomato. With just 2 ingredients, tomato and Trapani sea salt, it is pure.

The best thing about the taste is that it finishes sweetly, tomatoey and super clean.

So many tomato products end with some unknown flavor of bitter, sharp, tang, and never in a good way.

I never imagined I would say a tomato sauce would taste this good! It’s good enough to eat with a spoon

This Marinara is made from an indigenous heirloom ancient variety of tomato called Corleonese, a variety grown for over 350 years in the Palermo Province area of Sicily. These hand picked tomatoes are a round tomato with multiple ribs.

Bona Furtuna is the only commercial producer of this tomato in the world and it is pretty gosh darn tasty!

This native plant naturally grows in the long, hot summer months in Sicily, giving the tomato a wonderful fresh flavor and perfect acidity. It is this tang of flavor that makes these tomatoes special and different than all others.