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  • Bona Furtuna Biancolilla Centinara Organic Olive Oil


Bona Furtuna Biancolilla Centinara Organic Olive Oil

500 ml bottle - Castro Mountains, Sicily, Italy

2021 Harvest

Biancolilla Centinara
Bona Furtuna has two wonderful oils.

One is named Biancolilla Centinara, after the olive that is inside. This single varietal extra virgin organic olive oil is really special.

Dr. Marino and his team of researchers had found just 2 trees of this nearly extinct species in the wild. By cloning their rootstock, they planted almost 5000 starters to bring this olive back to life. For Bona Fortuna it is not just about oil it is also about promoting biodiversity.

Many years later, this special grove is producing a unique, exclusive and special oil.

Did we mention that this oil is a single varietal called Biancolilla Centinara - Ancient White Lilac- and is an olive that has been missing from the palate for a long, long time?

Biancolilla Centinara Olive Oil To the nose it is very alive, full of green olive and fruit and a bit grassy – it’s lively.

To the tongue it is light, it floats like a cloud with a very, very light tingle of bitter.

To the mouth it’s exciting and full of flavor. At first you don’t even think about the nuances, the “taste”, or the flavor, instead you simply enjoy it. Along with the first swig you get a tickle in the throat that gives you a delightful cough.

The second swig is just what you want a Sicilian oil to be. With a good artichoke, a freshness like a field of spring flowers, and a buttery-ness that evolves into a wonderful mouth feel.

What’s left after the oil has departed is a tingle on to the front of your tongue, but not all the way to the tip. The Biancolilla Centinara extra virgin organic olive oil is tongue smacking lovely. With enough time your entire mouth will tingle in a really nice way as well!

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